IRARA welcomed the announcement made by DG Home in December regarding the intention to publish a strategy for sustainably returning and reintegrating irregular migrants and we look forward to participating in the public consultation.

Reintegration is a valuable tool that benefits not only returnees but also their wider communities and local economies. Using local service providers for delivery of reintegration is a preferred approach. Local service providers have valuable local knowledge and networks, they are more likely to be aware of regional sensitivities and to be accepted but the Governments of the Countries of Origin – using them also drives capacity and ownership within the country.

To achieve successful and sustainable reintegration however, there needs to be a consistent and professional approach. The intention to create a framework for services providers and develop a standard set of quality procedures and processes that they should adhere to is welcome. Local delivery, combined with the expertise of a European based entity provides the best approach in our experience, increasing the uptake of voluntary returns, improving synergies and driving more sustainable reintegration.