Project Description

29 year old Diana Atmar left Afghanistan in 2015 to illegally settle in Germany. As Education was highly important to her, she left with the intention of taking her family to Germany and then enroll for education in a German school.

Diana Atmar to Afghanistan

Reasons for Return

The journey to Germany cost Diana more than USD $6,000. She stayed in Europe for 2.5 years, 1.5 of those years were spent in immigration camps in Berlin.

Although in Germany, she was given a 3 years’ visa, she decided to return to Afghanistan because she missed her family and her fiancé who were still living there. She returned to Afghanistan in December 2017.


Although Diana is not highly educated, she has good communication and business management skills. To ensure a sustainable reintegration, she sought the support of IRARA and their local networks. Through their support she was able to purchase a taxi and give it to a relative for a shared rent. She would like to start up a taxi business, where she will be hiring a driver on a percentage profit bases where the driver will be driving the taxi in the highly populated areas close to hospitals, schools, wedding halls, and offices. Through this scheme she now earns a good living and is able to support herself. She wants to expand this business through further capital investment.

Diana is also currently looking to enrol in a good university. She resides in Kabul now but from time to time travels to Laghman province.

Diana regretted going to Europe, but is now hopeful of a positive future with employment and educational opportunities and good support. She said “Education is the most powerful tool and I will keep trying until I achieve my Bachelor’s degree.”

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