Monitoring & Evaluation

IRARA Monitoring aims to inform programme management decisions, and involves carrying out systematic internal data collection and analysis activities to identify and measure gaps between actual and planned performance. The IRARA Evaluation aims to assess project performance systematically and objectively on the basis of set criteria and indicators and aims to establish findings, conclusions, and recommendations for future programming or improvements to the current programmes.

  • Programme duration
  • Key milestones
  • Budget – costs and expenditure
  • Beneficiary-related outputs such as no. of beneficiaries assisted
  • Recording of management information
  • Interviews conducted
  • Surveys conducted at different stages of the procedure

The extent to which planned results were achieved, or are expected to be achieved.

The extent to which the resources/inputs (funds, expertise, time) were justified, given the changes/effects which have been achieved.

Beneficiaries assisted
Business startups
Satisfaction (beneficiaries surveyed)