Reintegration Assistance

We provide reintegration assistance to voluntary and non-voluntary returnees. Our counsellors support individuals, families and special cases such as unaccompanied minors to become self-sufficient within their communities significantly increasing the likelihood of a sustainable return.

We help individuals realise their potential by funding and supporting them to develop and execute their business start-up.

Our network into the job placement and business community enables us to place people in the roles that best suit their skills.

We provide training that provides the skills that support employment prospects in the local area.

We facilitate entry into local schools and can provide funding to support this where required.

Our team will assist with long term housing needs and even provide funding support where available.

We have an extensive database that enables us to signpost individuals to support from third parties.

Our experience means that we are able to design support specific for each individual and their requirements. This could include extensive medical or psychological support.

Beneficiaries assisted
Business startups
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