IRARA provides a comprehensive returns and reintegration programme for returnees who are relocating back to their home countries after previously seeking to settle in a European country.

The provision of assistance to individuals, families or vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied minors, when they return to their countries of origin is essential to ensure a happy and sustainable quality of life.

IRARA is present in most of these countries of origin with our own local teams supported by a network of vetted partners to provide high-quality assistance to promote their self-sufficiency and to contribute to their local communities.

What We Do

How We Do It

The IRARA way is what enables our teams to deliver such a great service to the individuals and families that we support and the governments that we contract with.

  • We put the welfare of the returnee first
  • We always use local experts on the ground – either IRARA employees or trusted partners
  • We harmonise delivery across all IRARA geographies
  • We have a cloud-based case management system specifically designed for Returns and Reintegration
  • Operational Level Agreements – monitored by software
  • Real-time reporting
  • Detailed data analysis to provide monitoring
  • 24/7 operating hours
  • Responsive to the needs of governments


This approach drives the following:

  • Sustained reintegration
  • Community integration
  • Reduced illegal migration
  • Outcomes that can be monitored
  • A positive impact on employment and economies
  • The returnee has a positive experience and their safety, security and wellbeing is ensured

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