Keeping You Safe During COVID-19


Knowing how important our services are to the people we serve we have strived to keep our operations running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Global Operations Centre has remained fully operational and all our regional offices are now fully open and are adhering to the local protocols to keep employees and visitors safe. All [...]

Keeping You Safe During COVID-192020-12-01T14:14:12+00:00

IRARA Becomes a Registered NGO in Afghanistan


We are delighted that IRARA has recently been established as a Registered NGO in Afghanistan. This official acknowledgement by the Ministry of Economy is validation of the IRARA organisation in Afghanistan and an indication that we are a key enabler of one of their key strategies of ‘stimulating the economy’. Our newly opened dedicated [...]

IRARA Becomes a Registered NGO in Afghanistan2020-09-14T13:53:33+01:00

My Journey with the Sri Lankan Returnees


By Priyakala Manoharan, Project Co-ordinator, Chrysalis - December 2019As an officer who deals with all aspects of Returnees (as varied as one’s imagination can get) my journey with Returnees has been interesting. By listening to their disturbing stories, interjecting with encouraging words and lifting their dejected spirits, I am satisfied that I am doing something [...]

My Journey with the Sri Lankan Returnees2019-12-18T19:28:19+00:00
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