Knowing how important our services are to the people we serve we have strived to keep our operations running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Global Operations Centre has remained fully operational and all our regional offices are now fully open and are adhering to the local protocols to keep employees and visitors safe.

All our services are still available; this includes the IRARA Reintegration Services, Visa Application Support and Immigration Consultancy.

Regarding our Reintegration services; we are still holding meetings face to face where possible as, now more than ever, we understand the value of a physical meeting between Returnees and our counsellors, however in countries or regions where travel restrictions are in place we offer counselling sessions either over the phone, via Whatsapp call or Skype.

If you are a Returnee who is looking for assistance or you are in need of support with a Visa application to the UK or just want to talk to us about any matter to do with migration please contact us at