After suffering a car accident Hai has been able to return to his family in Vietnam to rehabilitate and recover thanks to the help of SCDI and the Reintegration Programme


To Thanh Hai’s father had been living and working in the Czech Republic for some years and so immediately after he graduated from high school, Hai left to join his father. He left Vietnam in 2002 and gained a visa to live and work in the Czech Republic. He lived there happily, at first earning a living working in retail and hospitality and later going on to run a small business selling clothes. For 20 years he did not return to Vietnam and was given a permanent resident visa.

In January 2022 however Hai was involved in a serious car accident, and he spent many months recovering in hospital. Hai’s father had since moved back to Vietnam and when he came out of hospital, he had nobody there to help his rehabilitation and he longed to be back home with his family. As well as the multiple fractures he suffered, the car accident had also caused amnesia and aphonia (problems speaking) and he found living away from his family extremely difficult at this time. A friend who had heard about the Reintegration Programme recommended it to him and he applied to the programme, was accepted, and returned home to Vietnam in November 2022.


Immediately after his return SCDI, IRARA’s Reintegration partner in Vietnam, helped him to apply for his new Identity Card, something all citizens in Vietnam must have to access services, and to buy health insurance for his ongoing treatment. Initially SCDI communicated with Hai through his mother as his speech was still too poor but by December 2022 he was recovered enough to speak with the counsellors via a video call.

The experienced counsellors discussed his individual requirements in detail, and it was decided that his reintegration allowance would be best put towards his rehabilitation and treatment for his ongoing health needs. Physiotherapy and other medical treatment were arranged and along with the help and support from his family Hai is now benefiting from this and his health is improving. He is delighted to be able to recuperate at home with his family and to be reunited with his father.


  • Hai has put his Reintegration Allowance towards medical treatment after a car accident in Europe
  • He was looked after on his return journey and has been supported to get a new ID card and health insurance
  • The Reintegration Support has allowed him to return Vietnam to rehabilitate with his family

‘I am happy to be back home with my family after a long, long time in Europe. This Reintegration program is very supportive and humane.’

To Thanh Hai, February 2022