Priyakala Manohara

Mission Director – Sri Lanka

Priya Manoharan, with over 20 years of experience, leads IRARA’s operations in Colombo. She holds a Master’s degree in South Asia Studies and postgraduate diplomas in Journalism, Mass Communication, and Human Rights. Priya oversees an exceptional team in Sri Lanka that develops tailored integration plans and provides essential support for individuals returning from various European countries. Her strategic leadership ensures comprehensive and dignified reintegration efforts, fostering a supportive environment for her team.

Priya’s ability to build strong relationships with NGOs and government bodies is crucial to the success of IRARA’s mission. These partnerships enhance collaboration and facilitate the seamless reintegration of returnees, respecting human rights and dignity. Her oversight and guidance have driven her team to achieve significant milestones, ensuring alignment with IRARA’s objectives.

In addition to her role at IRARA, Priya’s extensive background includes working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Government of Sri Lanka. This experience has enriched her expertise in international relations and further strengthened her leadership skills. Priya’s achievements include implementing effective reintegration strategies, enhancing collaboration with key partners, and fostering a supportive working environment, making her an invaluable asset to IRARA.