Santosh Jha

Mission Director India

For more than two decades, Santosh has been a distinguished leader in international development, specialising in project management, monitoring and evaluation, and supporting individuals returning to India after a period of absence, along with their reintegration. With a wealth of over 20 years of experience, Santosh spearheads IRARA’s operations in India as a senior executive, focusing particularly on the Punjab region where the organisation experiences the highest number of returns. Under his leadership, his team supports reintegration efforts across all parts of India, coordinating with stakeholders in the UK and European countries.
Santosh’s extensive qualifications include a Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Sikkim Manipal University. His career highlights encompass successful engagements in various sectors, including agriculture, public health, and urban development, with notable projects such as the E-Health Card initiative and the NDD App for the Government of India.

As a seasoned leader, Santosh manages a diverse team of over 70 professionals, ensuring efficient project delivery and overcoming operational challenges. His expertise in return and reintegration processes has been instrumental in developing sustainable solutions, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building. Santosh’s strategic vision and hands-on approach have significantly contributed to impactful outcomes in international development.